First, thank you for visiting my portfolio. My name is Quentin Magnett and I am a second-year master's student studying Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University where I also received my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. In this short time, I have grown to embody Paul Rand’s idea that design is everything and everything is design --- meaning there are endless opportunities to design and explore. As the world is complex, the space to design is too.

This website will serve as my portfolio. Here, you will find projects from my master's program and designs that I have worked on for either clients or my own interest. My experiences have prepared me to take on the roles of a UX Designer/Researcher, Product Designer, Product Management, Graphic Designer, and more.  If you have any questions, please contact me at my email qmagnett@indiana.edu

About me

I am simply a movie theorist, sports lover, music playlist creator, Graphic Designer turned UX designer, podcaster, who happens to be in grad school for Human-Computer Interaction/ design. My life has so far been filled with twist and turns, but I'm thankful because I have been blessed with experiences which have molded me to cool guy in the photo above.


UX Experience

My HCI/d program at Indiana University has challenged me with scenarios and problems in order to build me a designer. Learning that "everything is design and design everything", the process and solutions are complex. This opens up to endless opportunities and creations.



The passion for graphic design runs deep. Ever since my youth, I have used art to express myself. Now, art is still the center of my life. Majoring in Fine Arts: Graphic Design, I have been able to expand my creativity. Here you can find examples of my recent work.